Health problems caused by smoking

All of us have seen a bunch of anti-smoking ads that tell us plain and simple: there are many .

Maybe some of you have read that there are cigarettes that are “not so bad for our health”. We’ll stop you right away: light or menthol cigarettes, cigars or pipes, it doesn’t matter how you consume it. Tobacco causes many health problems.

Health problems caused by smoking

Health problems caused by smoking

Affecting Health & Looks

Smoking affect our brain. It’s not just a perception that smokers are feeling tired or anxious.

Cigarettes are the greatest risk factor for lung canser, but also it can cause cancer in the different parts of our body, such as lips, stomach, bladder, kidney, pancreas, liver or rectum and leukemia, cancer of blood cells.

Besides cancer, smoking can cause health problems with different parts of our body:

Lungs: chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis…

Heart: aneurysms, coronary heart disease, heart attack and damage to your arteries, heart-related chest pain,

Bones: bone density, increase risk for osteoporosis…

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Health problems caused by smoking

Not So Fun Facts

Health problems caused by smoking

  • Did you know that smokers are 30/40% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than non-smokers?
  • Women, did you know that if you smoke, the level of the hormone estrogen in your body goes down? That could cause you to go through menopause earlier than you should.
  • Smoking changes how we look like as well: it can increases the chances of fungal nail infectionshair loss, balding or graying.
  • And not only that, people that are not smoking can be affected: people with asthma can suffer severe attacks if they are anywhere around cigarette smoke. Even though they aren’t smoking.
  • Almost half of children regularly breathe air polluted by tobacco smoke in public places.


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