Food To Help Lower High Cholesterol

Food To Help  Did You Know?

  • Women over age twenty should have their cholesterol checked by their doctor.
  • Women over the age of fifty-five tend to have higher cholesterol levels than men.
  • High cholesterol can increase your chance of having heart disease.

What Is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fat-like material in your blood. Your body makes its own cholesterol. When you eat foods that have lots of fat or cholesterol, you can have too much cholesterol in your blood.

Cholesterol can build up  on  the  inside of the  blood vessels of your heart.  If too  much cholesterol builds up, then the blood cannot flow through to your heart. This can cause a heart attack. Food To Help Lower High Cholesterol.

Not ali cholesterol in your blood is bad for you. There  are  three  kinds of blood cholesterol that you should know about: high-density lipoprotein (HDL, or good cholesterol), low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or bad cholesterol), and  triglycerides.

Food To Help Lower High Cholesterol

Food To Help Lower High Cholesterol

Food To Help Lower High Cholesterol What Can You Do?

There  are  things  that  you can  do  to  lower your  cholesterol:

Cut back on foods with lots of fat such as fatty meats, fried foods, whole milk, fatty cheeses, butter, margarine, oils,  lard, and creams. Food To Help Lower High Cholesterol.

  • Cut back on  food with  lots  of cholesterol, such as  egg yolks  and  whole
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Cut back on fatty snacks and desserts, such as candy, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, pastries, and
  • Exercise at least thirty minutes  most
  • If you are overweight, try to lose Try to lose weight by  cutting back on the amount  that you eat. Even a small amount of weight loss can help lower your bad cholesterol, and you will also help your health in  other  ways.
  • Ask your doctor if you need to take medicine to help lower your cholesterol. Triglycerides are another form of fat  in your blood. They can also raise your risk for heart disease. Levels that are borderline high (150-99  mg/dL) or high (200  mg/dL or more) may need treatment.


Most people do not have any signs. Sometimes cholesterol can build up in the blood vessels of  your heart  and  cause  chest pains.

How Do You Find Out If You Have High Cholesterol?

Food To Help Lower High Cholesterol. Go to the doctor and ask for a cholesterol test. The test will let you know how much good and  bad cholesterol you have. The doctor will teli you the number for your total cholesterol level. Your  total  cholesterol  number  should be under 200.

Food To Help Lower High Cholesterol

Food To Help Lower High Cholesterol

Good cholesterol  is  called HOL.

Helps  to  keep  the  arteries from clogging up.

Protects against  heart  disease.  Good !eve!  = 60  mg/dL or more.

Bad cholesterol is called LDL.

Causes buildup in your arteries and causes blockage of your arteries. Causes heart disease.

Good level = under 100 mg/dL.