Endometriosis And Vaginismus

Endometriosis And Vaginismus are different diseases that should not be confused with each other. For your health problems, the consultant to the specialist doctors will be the best decision. However, getting a little background information may be good. He can encourage you to deal with your problems. Now let’s explain the topics in the title.


Cells are that make up the lining of the uterus  in a normal individual exist exclusively in the lining. Endometriosis, cells that are similar to the cells of the lining exist in other places. Is a disease with .

This means they can be found on the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the bladder, the bowels, in the vaginal walls, on the pelvic ligaments inside your pelvis, in the which is the space between the uterus and the bowels. Even, in places like your lungs and diaphragm. These cells all over the place will act like your cells do with your monthly cycles.

What is Vajinismuss?

Vajinismuss is definitely a problem that can be solved. In fact, Vajinismus is a fear, anxiety disorder based on her anxiety that she will suffer for sexual unification.
The fear of the person causes the pelvic muscles to contract. The most important problem in vaginismus before treatment is that one can not recognize his own body.

Endometriosis And Vaginismus: For example, ?

These muscles surrounding the vagina and the anus have many important tasks. These muscles are responsible for sexual intercourse, urinary retention, bowel movements and excretion, as well as the birth of the baby during birth.

Here’s the problem from Vajinismus. The sexual intercourse can not be realized because the person involuntarily

Endometriosis And Vaginismus

Endometriosis And Vaginismus

touches these muscles. This leads to inter-cooperative problems over time. Therefore, the main purpose of treatment is to relieve both mind and body. It is necessary to ensure that the woman recognizes her own body and controls her vagina.


The vaginismus problem occurs in 90% of patients due to a psychological fear. In this case the person can not be physically prepared for coexistence because of fear of sexual intercourse. Such as the disruption of the hymen. The fear of bleeding and the worst night-time experience stories or personal subconscious fears of one’s person. Which can be experienced with the concern that it will suffer very much; The vaginismus prepares the ground for the problem. About 10% of the vagina or hymen due to the structure of the problem may be due to obstacles.


The vaginismus statements triggered by the above mentioned psychological or physical reasons are very clear and can be listed in 7 fields:

  • Do you fear the idea of sexual intercourse?
  • Are you afraid of suffering because you are emotional?
  • Have you entered an unsuccessful sexual intercourse due to vaginal contractions?
  • Does the retry idea create fear and anxiety for you?
  • Did your wife use the expression “there is a wall in the sexual area”?
  • Do you feel fear and anxiety before sexual intercourse begins yet?

If you answer “yes” to these questions, you have a Vaginismus problem.

We can talk about the problem of vaginismus. Vajinismusun that you need to remember is a “solution” problem.