Diet Plan for Migraines & Which Foods Trigger Migraines

To relieve migraine headache it’s time to fight back. One of basic thing with us is simple and easy food diet to overcome migraine. When we study about the migraine food diet, result comes into two kind of food i.e. Headache trigger food and other one is headache fighting food. People who want to overcome this headache should always have simple homemade food. If we follow regular diet chart, we will definitely reduce the intensity of migraine headache.

There are lots foods which trigger headache like brie, cheddar, stilton, feta, swiss and processed cheese. Other than these food doctors also suggest avoiding red wine, onion, nuts, pickles and processed meats. Sensitive should always avoid these headache trigger food, follow simple diet having vitamin supplements, caffeine, fish oil and herbal food. Food additives like coloured food and nitrites are very common food triggers. Tyramine is most dangerous additives which may increase blood flow in brain causing serious headache in some people.

Eating fundamental diet is useful in fighting the migraine headache. Certain foods which prevent in fighting from headaches are oatmeal, soups, whole grains and some sweet temptations. The following some brief detail about headache fighting food:


Oat meals are a potent cereal; it is usually suggested by the doctors as it has highly rich phosphorus which is good for supporting good brain activity and help in fighting with migraine headache.

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Lack of nutritious food causes headache, to avoid this we should always have highly nutritious soups. Carrot and squash soup including oatmeal should be taken along with slices of whole wheat bread.


Having unprocessed grains like wheat grain without removing seed and shells should use for eating. Fibers help to maintain balance blood sugar in body.


Certain fruits rich in sugar are advantageous in fighting back to the migraine headache. Pears are rich in vitamin B1, B2 and B6. There are some essential minerals like celery, lettuce, beans, bananas, dates and spinach which should be taken to overcome serious headache.

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If you want rich diet, you should always try some herbs which you already have in your home. Herbal product treatment is gentler than allopathic drugs. Taking excess drugs may lead to real harm of your body. Other the other hand herbal product provides you more relief without any mischief. Always take regular check from your doctors.

Feverfew is highly use as a headache remedy in many homes. It is mainly helpful in preventing migraine headache. You would get definitely relief from feverfew leaves if you

take it in proper amount on daily basis. Peppermint and passionflower are also calming herb for migraine headache. Passionflower herb should take in tea before sleeping as it is known for its pain killing property whereas; peppermint has cooling property which helps in calming brain activity.

Here are also some more herbs which help in fighting against migraine headache are meadowsweet, valerian, skullcap, chamomile, ginko, cayenne and butterbur.

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